Kate Hunt


3rd Place recipient

Kate Hunt was raised in a town of 900 on the plains of Montana. It is "Big Sky" country. The subtle power of the landscape has influenced her work. Hunt’s work is object oriented. Her materials include steel, twine, boat building epoxy, encaustic, and newspaper.

She first started working with newspaper at the Kansas City Art Institute. Her teacher, Joan Livingstone, had her make a "chinese finger trap", the kind found at carnivals that tighten as you try to pull your fingers out. From there she started building large weavings with newspaper. Her teacher, Dale Eldred, pushed her to think of her work as sculpture.

Hunt graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has been awarded a Montana Arts Council Award and the Gottlieb Grant. She has shown nationally and internationally and her work is in many prominent collections. She now splits her time between her studio in Montana and her in studio San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

  • Trophy Head

    Trophy Head 20x15x5" 2008

    The newspaper here is actually covered in a boat building epoxy. The twine is covered in wax and burned with a propane.

  • Over the Couch

    Over the Couch 12x59x10" 2012

    Stacked layers of cut newspaper

  • The Congressional Record Flag

    The Congressional Record Flag 18x33x4" 2018

    Wall piece, an interruption of the American Flag